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July 30th Show

In this week's edition of the political junkie, NPR's Ken Rudin will talk about Sen. Barack Obama's (D-IL) ratings following his foreign tour, Senator Ted Stevens' (R-AK) recent indictment, and John McCain's medical results. And Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr will discuss his race to the White House. Later, we'll be joined by NPR Ombudsman Lisa Shepard for a conversation about journalists and political campaigns. What are the guidelines concerning a journalist's participation in the politcal process?

In the months leading up to the Olympics, China has been reluctant to let go of control of media coverage of the games. The International Olympics Committee has taken a stance that the Olympics is a sporting event and should not mix with politics. Correspondents in our second hour will discuss the challenges of covering the Beijing Olympics. Should a line be drawn between covering sports and human rights issues in this year's games? At the end of that hour, we'll talk about the announcement made by the Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority that it will stop lending out private student loans. Paul Basken, a senior reporter for The Chronicle of Higher Education, will talk about what this move could mean for the future of student loan programs.