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President Bush approaching the Rose Garden on Monday, July 14, 2008. Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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If you flip on your radio right now, you just might hear Neal chatting with NPR's Ron Elving and Uri Berliner about the economy. No, your watch hasn't stopped... We're awaiting a press conference with the president. So tune in and listen up... This lame-duck leader probably doesn't have too many of these left to give.



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Listening to George Bush at this press conference is like listening to a whiny, dim, ineffectual man at a bar, complaining about his wife & kids.

Sent by Matthew Bond | 11:01 AM | 7-15-2008

Really? "I don't want to be a told-you-so" on gas prices?

Sent by JustinCB | 11:13 AM | 7-15-2008

Does anyone really believe that opening up offshore oil will make prices cheaper? Of course oil companies are going to say it will take 10 years for us to see relief at the pump so that way they have plausible deny-ability when we don't see relief. These people are making way, way too much money gouging us now. Getting cheaper supplies and keeping prices the same is just going to get them more money, and they are aware of that. This is what we get for having an oil man as President. A President who has big business on his mind more than the welfare of the people. Of course, our society is set up so that we have to settle for who we are given instead of whomever would best serve the interest of their constituents. Both big business and government are concerned with the bottom line and not with people which is why the President wants to open up oil reserves and why prices will continue to rise. They don't care about us or Mother Earth

Sent by John Cosma | 11:38 AM | 7-15-2008

If Obama is elected, we will look back to Mr. Bush's stalwart defense of the US with a wistful nostalgia.

Sent by Scott S. | 3:04 PM | 7-15-2008