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August 14th Show

Here's a quick look at what's coming up today:

In our first hour, we'll look into the ethics of criminal investigations. Most recently, the FBI has been accused of using aggressive tactics in the anthrax investigation. We want to hear from you, particularly those with direct experience in investigations. How far should investigators go? And should hardball tactics remain legal? At the end of the hour, we'll continue our summer movie series with your picks for favorite NUKE flicks. And yes, Godzilla counts. He LOVES nuclear energy.

In our second hour, we'll talk about the very real fear of fear itself... and of spiders and dogs and flying and the great outdoors and the tight indoors. Sometimes those fears can turn into serious phobias. We'll speak with a woman who suffers from dog phobia, and a clinical psychologist explains how to face our fears and phobias. At the end of the hour, filmmaker Rory Kennedy talks about her mini-film that chronicles the career of long-time White House Press Corp member Helen Thomas.

In our first hour, the ethics of criminal investigations and your favorite nuclear flicks. In the second hour, how to cope with phobias, and a look at the career of long-time White House Press Corp member Helen Thomas.



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