August 25th Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, Ted Koppel and Greg Craig, a senior adviser to Sen. Barack Obama, discuss Obama's strategy with foreign policy. Next, Lani Guinier describes what this election season means to her. In our second hour, the rise in popularity o...
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August 25th Show

In our first hour today, we'll talk again with our Talk of the Nation news analyst Ted Koppel for a look at how foreign policy affects the United States. Koppel will be joined by Greg Craig, a senior adviser to Sen. Barack Obama, who will shed light on what an Obama administration would look like in the face of international politics. As president, what would Obama's top priority in foreign policy be? At the end of the first hour, we'll begin a series we're calling "This American Moment" where we ask different thinkers to tell us what is at stake in this campaign season and what this election means to them. Today, we'll talk with Lani Guinier about what this moment in American history means to her. In 1993, President Clinton nominated Guinier to be assistant attorney general for civil rights. She is currently the Bennett Boskey Professor of Law, at Harvard University and is widely regarded as an expert on race, gender, class and voting rights. We'd also like to hear from you. Call or submit your comments about what this American moment means to you.

In our second hour, we'll discuss the rise in popularity of college gossip websites — namely Juicy Campus. Portfolio magazine reporter Jeff Bercovici will describe what gossip websites are and how bad the gossip can really get. And Andrew Mann will talk about how and why he started a series of college message boards called College ACB. At the end of the hour, Dahleen Glanton, a national correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, will discuss Michelle Obama... her upbringing, her life outside of politics and how her experiences growing up as an African-American woman have shaped her life.