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I Might VOTE For Her

I can count the number of times I've thought "What does Paris think?" (WWPT) on one elbow — and that's being generous. After watching this delightful piece of delicious policomedy, I'm sure I'll start thinking, "What do Paris' comedy writers think?" more often. Plus, I'm really, truly, heartwarmed by the fact that a Google search on "Paris Hilton video" will now bring up something that is SFW.

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I don't care if she thinks offshore drilling is a euphemism for soft porn. God Bless America.



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I keep wondering why the only new technolgy we expect from Michigan is electric cars. Isn't it time for government incentives to change the old closed auto factories into windmill and solar production facilities? Similar to converting them to military production during war time, we just make windmills not tanks.

Then we start putting them along the highways until we make all of the electricty we can use and then some.

Will take Paris in a sexy black swimsuit stradling the top of a sleek windmill eating a cheeseburger, or just common sense? Me, I am betting on Paris.

Sent by Christopher M. Brown | 9:34 PM | 8-7-2008