The Economy: Judging The Coverage

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Where do you get your economic news?

Where do you get your economic news? Source: KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Up to date on the latest gas prices? You probably watch network TV news. Know everything there is to know about the housing crisis? You must be a fan of the newspaper. And if you feel like you're not getting enough coverage of the lousy economy, then you must be a fan of talk radio. This new study from the Project for Excellence in Journalism tracked media coverage of economic news, and found that while the economy is now a bigger story than the war in Iraq, it still follows a distant second to the presidential campaign. And, while 8 percent of all news stories focused on some aspect of the economy, the topics and type of coverage varied depending on whether you watch network news, cable news, or listen to the radio. Since many of you probably do some or all of the above, what economic stories do you want to see covered?



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I would like to hear more economic news related to the job market or lack there of.

Sent by Sierra | 2:50 PM | 8-20-2008

According to the CIA factbook, the US is third in the world behind Russia and Saudi Arabia in oil production, but even as we hear about Russia, Venezuela, Nigeria and the Gulf States emboldened by their "oil wealth", we don't hear about the boon that oil prices give our economy. Especially as the "drill here, drill now" mantra is gaining strength in conservative circles, is anyone covering the structure of the economy that turns US resources into wealth for private industry?

Sent by Jeremy Kirk | 2:52 PM | 8-20-2008

The real story that only kids will learn in a hundred years in history books would be nice...

Sent by Sean K. | 2:54 PM | 8-20-2008

I actually don't think the economy is under-reported on. Of course we are all worrying about it and are feeling the effects of it, but seeing it in the news every day exacerbates the hardship. Especially since it is always bad news being reported about the economy, I don't want that in my face every day making me more worried. Let the news focus on more important issues and events in the world that I am not immediately aware of, not something I already know and worry about.

Sent by Lia | 4:05 PM | 8-20-2008

I think that your segment would have benefitted from some actual critics of economic reporting. Dean Baker, William Greider, or Robert Reich would have been better guests to talk about the failure of economic reporting to accurately represent what is happening in the US economy and dispell the current myths about the housing crisis, the budget deficit, unemployment, etc.

Sent by Richard Wang | 6:26 PM | 8-20-2008

Since cable television costs more than news papers, it's not in their best interest to remind their paying customers they don't have enough money to afford cable TV. This is probably why there is less financial coverage on cable TV news programs.

Sent by Crust5 | 6:59 AM | 8-21-2008

I'd like to hear Bush comment on the oil he said he would get from Iraq to pay for this war cost.

Sent by Tim | 3:43 PM | 8-27-2008