Unabomber Complains About The Display Of His Cabin

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Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, has complained to a federal court about the Newseum display of his Montana cabin. It's only 10 feet by 12 feet, and is part of the "G-Men and Journalists" exhibit in Washington. Apparently he read about the exhibit in an ad in the Washington Post, and wrote:

Since the advertisement states that the cabin is 'FROM FBI VAULT,' it is clear that the government is responsible for the public exhibition of the cabin. This has obvious relevance to the victims' objection to publicity connected with the Unabom case.... I don't think I need to say anything further.... The Court can draw its own conclusions."

Back in June, we had talked with Ted's brother, David, about his relationship with one of the Unabomber's victims, Gary Wright. And we asked him if he might visit his brother's cabin while it was on display:

Probably not. You know, the cabin that really holds the intimate memories for me is the one I remember where I spent hours with Ted before he became the Unabomber, and of course that's the brother I prefer to remember as well. I think, you know, the display, and I haven't seen it and I wouldn't judge it without seeing it, does tend to play to a popular fascination with crime and violence.

We'll talk with Gary Wright on the show today, and get his view on this as a victim. And also hear from Susan Bennett, vice president and deputy director of the Newseum. Is it tasteful to display the cabin, or not?



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Does Mr. Kaczynski's concern over the victims' wishes now versus when he was attacking them have anything to do with him being on medication and seeking the proper medical support necessary to control his illness?

Sent by Julie | 3:55 PM | 8-13-2008

It certainly is in bad taste being Mr. Kaczynski's terrorist acts are relatively recent. Can you imagine making a musuem out of the nurses dormitory in Chicago where Richard Speck committed mass murder? It's much different for events such as the holocaust where the various musuems and memorials serve as a reminder that we can never let such tragedies occur again.

Sent by Joe Kacmarynski, Jacksonville Florida | 2:16 PM | 8-15-2008