Waiting for Barack

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About a week ago I signed up to receive a text mesage whenever Sen. Barack Obama chooses his presidential running mate. The pitch was personal, addressing me by name: "Carline be among the first to know." So this morning when I read Mary Schmich's column in the Chicago Tribune, I knew whereof she wrote. I too immediately sent my mobile number to 62262 and within seconds, I became a Barack insider. Since then I have been waiting anxiously to receive the news. I'm a journalist and a producer. Information is my lifeline, and this information is big. Every time my phone trills to signal I have a message, I dive for it. And every time so far the message has been from someone else... my contractor, the car dealership, or my gym buddy asking for a ride. Come on Barack, the suspense is killing me.... I want to be the first to tell everyone whom you've chosen.



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he'll pick Hillary.

Sent by bookie | 1:55 PM | 8-22-2008

For the first time since having Cricket service, I am extremely disappointed in them!!! They are "not participating in this event at this time"! Are you kidding me? This is the single most important pending event in my life, not to mention the entire world!! Now I have to stay next to the radio to listen to NPR until the big secret is out!

Sent by Casey Blair | 3:33 PM | 8-22-2008

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