Blue Eyes, Curly Hair and Madness : Blog Of The Nation Scattershot, David Lovelace's memoir of his family's battle with bipolar disorder.
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Blue Eyes, Curly Hair and Madness

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Source: Dawn Ashley

Lots of good stuff ran in David Lovelace's family — originality, creativity, charm. But along with those traits came the terrifying mental illness known as bipolar disorder. It claimed every member of his family except for his sister — father, brother, mother — culminating in a year when all the members of his family were committed for the disease. His memoir — Scattershot — describes all the terrifying experiences, and a few gifts, that came with the illness. We'll talk with him today, but his descriptions of what that particular experience with madness is like are so specific that it got us wondering: if you've ever suffered from a disease such as depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia, how do you describe it to your friends?