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I Like To Watch

Thanks to the return of Gossip Girl and Top Model (and thanks to the fact that I live with a TV addict — seriously! I used to not have cable and every movie I watched was either in black and white or had subtitles), my quest to justify all the TV I am now watching has been kicked into high gear. I already downsized my Netflix subscription from four to three after I committed myself to Mad Men and Project Runway (thank GOD I'm not a 90210 fan, or else I'd have to cancel my Netflix subscription all together). Up until Monday, I had been sticking to the argument that watching TV is actually a social exercise (it was getting kind of stale). Thanks to this blog that my roommate passed my way, I can now say with the utmost confidence that at least one of the shows I watch (Mad Men) is a lens with which to view... everything? Yeah, sure, why not? The blog "This Recording" takes every episode of Mad Men and uses it to... I'd like to say dissect the current social and political landscape, but in truth "This Recording" uses Mad Men as more of launch pad for a feminist rant (or two or three).

So what do you think? To all the TV junkies out there, how do you justify your watching? Got any blogs to share?