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After the Soviet Union collapsed, and the Cold War ended, we heard questions about the mission of Nato... What's the point of a military alliance against an enemy that no longer exists? After Russian troops crossed into Georgia last month, many of those questions disappeared. Instead, some were asking what it means to be a member of NATO, how far would member countries go to protect each other. Georgia, of course, is not a member of NATO, but the Bush administrations has stressed repeatedly in recent weeks that they'd like the country to be admitted soon. For it's part, Russia blames NATO for provoking the fighting, and has cut military ties with the alliance. At the same time, the war in Afghanistan is growing more violent, and the US general in charge of forces there says he doesn't have enough troops. All of this falls on the plate of Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, NATO's Secretary General in Brussels. He joins us on the show today to talk about the plans to deal with these problems, and others that face his organization. This is your chance to ask the head of NATO a question... What do you want to know?



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Jaap de Hoop Scheffer,
Said that he could not understand the Russian oppostion to adding Georgia to NATO, that joing the alliance does not pose a threat to Russia. It is a bit disingenuous when NATO and the US want to place missles in Poland.

Sent by Mike Brooks | 11:37 AM | 9-24-2008

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