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To Bed With Your 'Berry?

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Source: brixton

I don't know who it is, but someone in this building has been known to sit in one of the stalls in the men's room and click-click-click on his Blackberry while - er - doing his business. How far does this behavior go? Reports on this new survey (it's really marketing for a large hotel chain, but still good fodder) give us some idea:

The study of 6,500 traveling executives says 35 percent of them would choose their PDA over their spouse.... And apparently that attitude is being seen in the sack. Of those polled, 87 percent said they bring their devices into the bedroom. Another 84 percent check their e-mails just before they go to sleep. Another 80 percent check them in the morning as soon as they get up.

I don't know that I'd call it an addiction (they do in the article), but certainly packing your 'Berry in your PJs is a sign that you might want to question your romance strategy. And this is so much bigger than the Blackberry... laptops, PSPs, cell phones, portable DVD players, iPods, all tend to make their way into the covers. What's under your sheets (and keep it clean, please)?