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October 1st Show

We're back at the Newseum today with NPR's political junkie Ken Rudin. There's so much to talk about on the political front in our first hour: tonight's Senate vote on the new and hopefully improved $700 billion bailout, tomorrow's vice-presidential debate between Republican Sarah Palin and Democrat Joe Biden, and a Democratic pollster and a Republican strategist each weigh-in on which color the swing states are turning— red or blue. Later in the hour, Katharine Seelye, political reporter for The New York Times will explain the debating experience and styles of Sarah Palin and Joe Biden and what we can expect in tomorrow night's debate.

We are almost exactly one month away from Election Day. Both presidential candidates are campaigning hard to get votes, but in our second hour, we're going to focus on what they need to do to convince Latinos, the largest minority group in the United States, to vote for them. We'll talk to some experts on the Latino vote, and we want to hear from voters in the Latino community. What are the campaigns doing to win your vote, and is it working? Then, we'll continue our "This American Moment" series with author and Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan.