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Discussions about race have become more prominent during this presidential election, from the media to our dinner tables. Now that we're in the home stretch of the campaign, in our first hour today we want to take a look at what has been said about race during this election, what we have learned, and whether or not we have made any progress. What has this election taught you about race? Later, we will discuss the recent arrest of two men who were allegedly plotting to assassinate Barack Obama. The men have been identified as skinheads. Mark Potok, director of the intelligence project at the Southern Poverty Law Center, will talk about the case and how dangerous white supremacists groups really are.

I don't worry that stepping on a crack will break my mother's back. And I've walked under a ladder and still experienced good fortune. But if I'm strolling with a friend, I refuse to split the pole. A minor superstition, but one that I claim wholeheartedly. What's your personal superstition? Perhaps it's a good luck charm. (John McCain has lucky shoes) Or a ritual you believe must be performed to bring you good luck. (Barack Obama will likely be shooting hoops on Election Day.) In our second hour, we'll talk about why people have superstitions and the psychology behind them. Then, Lawrence Eagleburger, former United States Secretary of State, will explain why he supports John McCain on foreign policy.