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Race In Ohio

When it comes to discussions about the electoral map and swing states, I envision a Schoolhouse Rock-type cartoon of Ohio state swinging on a swing set, singing about wedge issues.* Today, TOTN broadcasts live from Columbus, Ohio. We're talking to voters in that state about who they're going to vote for come election day, and why. In this crucial swing state, there is no campaign issue harder to quantify than the impact of Senator Obama's race. He portrays himself as post-racial — a bi-racial candidate with roots in both worlds. But not all voters see it that way. Last month an AP/Yahoo poll found that 1/3 of white Democrats harbor negative attitudes toward blacks, and some suspect that people may tell pollsters one thing, but vote differently on the basis of race.

Of course, race operates differently depending where you are, and who you talk to. Today we want to hear from you — whether you live in Pennsylvania, California or multi-ethnic Miami... how is race playing out in this election where you live?

* Hey, whatever increases retention, right? I would not have done nearly as well in English class in middle school if it wasn't for "Conjunction Junction".