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Saying NO! To Teens

NO. It's one of the worst words to hear from a parent. What's worse is that the holiday season is coming up, and for some teens that were lavished with gifts of iPods, cell phones, and name-brand gear last year, well, let's just say that Hannukah Harry or Santa may not be as benevolent this year. The unstable economy is making many parents jittery. Credit lines are thinning, foreclosures continue, and many people are on the verge of unemployment. So what is a parent to do? In Sunday's New York Times, reporter Jan Hoffman wrote about the battle between parents and teens in these economic hard times, "The Frugal Teen, Ready or Not." Today, we're going to "Ask Amy" about this budget battle — that is, Amy Dickinson, who writes the syndicated "Ask Amy" column for The Chicago Tribune. And are you saying or hearing NO more often?