Pitching POOP : Blog Of The Nation Perfectly innocent pitches at the TOTN morning editorial meeting take things in a scatological direction.
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Pitching POOP

Today's morning meeting was not my finest hour. First pitch? POOP. Bear with me here. Wired magazine is turning fifteen this year, and for the last nine, they've run a contest called Return to Sender. The challenge is simple: mail the weirdest thing you can to Wired, without using a box or an envelope. Each issue featured a winner, and the most prolific contestant, Barry Wood of Vero Beach, FL, entered a dozen times, winning twice for a mailbox and a conch shell. Check out a gallery of submissions here. So where does the POOP come in? Don't worry, it's not where you think. Turns out Wood had long been running a similar contest among his friends, "encouraging [them] to flummox the Postal Service by sending unusual items he called "permissible objects of postability," or POOP." It's a natural for our air, and today we're hoping to ask the question, "What's the weirdest thing you've ever successfully mailed sans packing materials?" But the scatalogical snickers don't end there... I followed that pitch up with one I received from Harper's Magazine, about an upcoming article by a writer who took a class that promised to teach him how to control dice to win at craps.

I swear, I couldn't make this stuff up.