Who's Missing From Your Table? : Blog Of The Nation Many Thanksgiving tables have an empty seat this year... tell us about those missing from your table.
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Who's Missing From Your Table?

We started a new tradition on the show last year, which I'm just going to blatantly steal for the blog today. My extended family will gather around a dining room table outside Chicago this afternoon, and they'll happily eat, drink, talk, laugh, argue, and do all the things families usually do when they get together.

I will not be there.

Thankfully, I am healthy and happy, and I will be sitting down to a lovely Thanksgiving dinner in my own home today. But many of you have people who are missing from the table this year — for any number of reasons. Some are working or out of town, others are deployed or stationed overseas, and some have passed away. Tell us about those who are not at your table this year.