NPR logo Can No One See The Advantages To Just A Plain DOLL!?

Cutting Room Floor

Can No One See The Advantages To Just A Plain DOLL!?

I hesitate to post this under cutting room floor, because this is not a pitch that one actually wants on the floor. Carline pulled this one out of the Washington Post (clearly a slow news day), and we all filed it under stuff we don't want to get for Christmas. It's Baby Alive Learns To Potty, and the Little Mommy Gotta Go Doll. Favorite quote? Oh yeah, that would be this: "'For us, the peeing and pooping is pretty magical,' said Kathleen Harrington, senior brand manager for Hasbro's Baby Alive dolls." Um — that's what passes for magical, now? What happened to unicorns!

Of course, that is not NEARLY the worst thing out there. I'm looking at you, Ireland. (Right, so, be warned that link has some of the weirdest nudity you've ever seen.)



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