NPR logo Would You Like Ketchup With Your Cologne?

Would You Like Ketchup With Your Cologne?

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Source: Loops San

I can think of lots of things I want to smell like, and "flame broiled" meat ain't one of them. But yes, if this is true (the website is registered to "Burger King Brands"), if you've put off your holiday shopping and need a last minute gift for the guy in your life, you can now own your own bottle of "Flame," Burger King's first body spray for men. Slogan: "The scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat." Because nothing says seduction like 600 greasy calories on a sesame seed bun (full disclosure: I have not smelled it). And hey, if Burger King can do it, what other scent do you want to see bottled? The smell of NPR, perhaps?