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A Question of Color: How The World Talks About Race

We talked a lot about race throughout the U.S. presidential election. Now, we're expanding the conversation to include our global listeners. In tomorrow's first hour, we become Talk of the World and we're asking Americans to put the phone down to let our international callers tell us about how they talk about race in their countries.

We'll hear from NPR's senior European correspondent, Sylvia Poggioli; French historian and author Pap Ndiaye and British political activist, Karen Chouhan. In January, Poggioli reported a three-part series on the discussions prompted in Germany, Italy and France by President Obama's election. Ndiaye is author of The Black Condition; he says that many whites in France feel their national identity is threatened by talk of race. Across the English Channel, Chouhan says the discourse on race in Britain leads to stigmatization and that the government policies of assimilation don't value diversity. Both Ndiaye and Chouhan have been involved with working to promote racial dialog in their respective countries.

If you are part of our international audience, tell us how you talk about race where you live.