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March 11th Show

It's Wednesday, and time for the Political Junkie. This week, NPR's Ken Rudin will take us through the political news of the week, including President Obama's education plan and the overturned executive order that will ban federally funded research on embryonic stem cells. Ken will also be joined by Jon Delano, political analyst for KDKA-TV, who will talk about the reaction in Pennsylvania to Republican Senator Arlen Specter's support of President Obama's economic stimulus. Specter's support has divided Republicans in his home state. AND — drum roll, please — we finally have a reward for you smarties out there who answer the trivia question correctly. We're giving away the official "NO PRIZE" t-shirt for you to flaunt in front of your family and friends!! I think they oughtta call it the official "KNOW PRIZE" because you knew the answer. Get it? Know. No? Okay, I'll move on...

In our second hour, author Myron Uhlberg will talk about his new book, Hands of My Father, and recall his experience growing up with the ability to hear, but the child of deaf parents. We'll ask him what he learned about the world through interpreting for his parents and the inner language involved with touch and silence. And we want to hear your stories. Were you a child that interpreted for your parents for language or a disability? What was that experience like for you? Then, at the end of the hour, we'll talk to the founders of Twitter about how "tweets"* have become the next big thing in technology.

*Short texts posted by users giving updates on what's happening and what they are doing.



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