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March 12th Show

Yesterday, the FBI said that young Somali Americans are being recruited into terrorist organizations overseas. A nationwide investigation revealed details of how they operate, who they recruit, and the danger they pose to the United States. In our first hour, we'll be joned by NPR's Dina Temple-Raston who uncovered the story. Temple-Raston will explain how this news is affecting Somali communities across the country. And we'll hear from the head of a Somali youth center in Minneapolis. Then, we'll talk with author Christopher Moore about his new book, Fool, an amusing and wildly profane rewrite of Shakespeare's King Lear in which the king's jester is recast as the raunchy protagonist.

In the middle of President Obama's first one hundred days, many people are content to sit back and observe whether or not the president fulfills all of his campaign promises. But Tavis Smiley says rather than passively watch, we need to remain engaged in politics and critically evaluate the leadership in this country. Smiley will join us in our second hour and talk about his new book, Accountable: Making America as Good as its Promise. Then, we'll talk about the end of an era... or E.R. (era. E.R. cute.) Early next month, NBC will air the two-hour finale of the medical drama, and in today's The Daily Beast blog, Dr. Mehmet Oz wrote "the show captured the ups and downs of of touching another person's life when we filter out the b.s." If you are an emergency room nurse, doctor or resident, do you agree? Dr. Oz will tell us what he has learned from the show E.R. We want to hear from you, too.