April 2nd Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, a new series called "What Works" looks at elder care, and TOTN's Sarah Handel talks about our new interactive "What Works" website.. In our second hour, the G-20 summit , and Cary Fukunaga talks about his film Sin Nombre.
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April 2nd Show

Today, Talk of the Nation begins a new series that looks at the human drive to solve problems. Once a month, we'll address a difficult problem and find at least one person who has had real, measurable success in solving it. We begin with nursing homes, and talk with Dr. William Thomas, a geriatrician and founder of The Eden Alternative, about how he has re-invented elder care with what he calls the Green House Project. Then, our very own web guru and associate producer Sarah Handel, will tell you how you can participate online. She has launched a new website for our show called "What Works," and at the end of the hour, Sarah will explain how you will be able to offer your ideas of problems you would like us to explore and find the best solutions for!

Today, leaders from the twenty most rich and powerful nations have gathered in London, and after tense discussions about the rattled world economy, they reached a one trillion dollar agreement to tackle the global financial crisis. In our second hour, we'll talk about the importance of the G-20 summit and what the world's leaders hope to accomplish. Then, we'll talk with Cary Fukunaga, the writer and director of a new feature film, Sin Nombre, that follows two teenagers on a harrowing journey by train through Mexico to the border with the United States. Fukunaga will talk about how he got the idea for the film and his own experience with taking that same dangerous train ride... three times.