Don't Be A Facebook Failure : Blog Of The Nation A couple of folks have some recommendations on how not to flunk Facebook. Add your own.
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Don't Be A Facebook Failure

Oh man. made the above video, "Facebook Manners And You." Pretty funny, and totally true — rule #1? Don't change your Facebook status without consulting your significant other. Time's Claire Suddath found the video, and offered 10 more rules of her own, including two of my favorites:

1. Stop taking quizzes. Nobody cares what literary time period you are.


10. Cryptic status updates about your mental state — "Rachel is trying so hard," "Rachel wishes things were different," "Rachel is starting her life over" — don't make you sound intriguing, just lonely and pathetic.

So here's the challenge: What's your #1 Facebook etiquette rule that neither YourTango nor Claire Suddath listed?