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Sarah Steps On The Paper Bag

What you can't see is the flies. Source: Barrie Hardymon hide caption

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Source: Barrie Hardymon

Google, the ever present, ever fun, has brought emojis to town. (In this case, your email is the town.) Among the best: Two beers clinking, several flower bouquets, what appears to be an ice cream cone with fireworks shooting from it, and a little guy with an exploding head. My favorite, which I sent to Sarah this morning (see above! See? See?!!), is a little pile of poop with a few flies. Sarah, who is a journalist, and an observant gal, asked me, "where the bees came from." I replied as follows: "AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH." What I'm sort of curious about is why emojis are so popular — I'm having a great time with the poop today, but seriously, it takes an extra step, and seems time consuming to use them regularly. But don't worry, I was raised right. Tomorrow, I will send Sarah flowers.