Selling At 33-1/3 RPM : Blog Of The Nation CD shops are going out of business, music labels are hurting bad, but some neighborhood vinyl stores are bucking the downward trend.
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Selling At 33-1/3 RPM

The CD shop is becoming a relic, but there's money to be made in vinyl. The Los Angeles Times reports that in some cases local record stores and turntable shops are turning a profit.

"By the end of 2008, over 50% of our business was in new vinyl, which amounts to millions of dollars a year," said Matt Wishnow, founder of the New York-based online music retailer Its turntable sales increased 200% in 2008, with the company shipping dozens daily during the holiday season.

Not enough to pull the major label music business out of it's nosedive, but new grist for vinyl purists.

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