A Swansong For Pontiac & Co. : Blog Of The Nation Wired's got a great gallery of defunct car brands.
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A Swansong For Pontiac & Co.

Hernando DeSoto on the hood of his namesake auto. 9ine6ix hide caption

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Wired's got a lovely gallery of defunct car brands, inspired by the looming demise of Pontiac. Great nuggets of automotive trivia accompany photographs of owners with their doomed vehicles, advertisements, etc. — I'm familiar with the DeSoto, but had no idea the hood ornament was actually a bust of the explorer, Hernando DeSoto! And I'll probably be able to impress my boyfriend by parroting the line, "It was said the only thing that could pass a Duesenberg was another Duesenberg," next time we're looking at old cars. Take a peek at the gallery!