NPR logo David Wells Doesn't Do Drugs -- May Drink, Though

David Wells Doesn't Do Drugs — May Drink, Though

Of all the reactions within MLB to the steroid scandal, few have been as strong as pitcher David Wells' — a story Neal brought up this morning.

Wells, who was traded from the Yankees to the Toronto Blue Jays for Clemens in 1999, has had a tepid relationship with Clemens because he hated being replaced in New York and hated being compared with a pitcher who was celebrated for his work ethic. Wells said he had some empathy for Clemens, who has disputed his former personal trainer's assertions that he used performance-enhancing drugs, but he added that he thought the case against Clemens was "pretty strong."

Strong words from a guy who said he was "half-drunk" when he pitched his famous perfect game. Still, one wishes we could hear more honesty — one way or another — from the players.



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