NPR logo Eat Out! Save The Carpets!

Eat Out! Save The Carpets!

Economic trend stories give me no end of giggles — particularly when they've clearly been pitched during a slow news day. This one, from London's Daily Express ("The World's Greatest Newspaper!") really got me going, as I am both a lover of upholstery and delicious home-cooked meals. But apparently, I'd better watch out! "Staying in to save money is costing clumsy Britons 1.5 billion pounds a year in broken crockery, wine stains on carpets and similar household accidents." Yeah, that's right. All that dining in is causing our fair neighbors across the pond confusion — and they're suddenly unable to HOLD A SPOON. I really hope the next story from the Daily Express is something along the lines of "Americans Walking To Work Spending More Money On Band-Aids To Cover Blisters."