May 18th Show : Blog Of The Nation Today's Talk: Defining anti-Semitism, a priest's review of Angels & Demons, a biracial family in the Jim Crow South in the 1920s, and air traffic controllers.
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Happy Monday, Talkers!

What Is Anti-Semitism?
A controversy has erupted at the University of California Santa Barbara over an email from a professor that many of his students considered anti-Semitic. Also, a recent poll shows that a significant portion of Americans blame "the Jews" for the financial crisis. For the show today, we'll talk about how we define anti-Semitism in the U.S.

One Priest's Review Of Angels & Demons
The new Ron Howard/Tom Hanks film, Angels & Demons, has taken heat from some corners for pigeonholing Catholicism as incompatible with modernity, and for portraying heads of the church as greedy and secretive. Father James Martin, Jesuit priest and culture editor of the weekly Catholic magazine America gives his review.

The House At The End Of The Road
Deep in the Jim Crow south, a young white man defiantly marries a black woman. Almost a century later, Ralph Eubanks tells the story of his grandparents. What is the conversation about race in your family?

Controlled Chaos: Air Traffic Controllers
Jeanne Marie Laskas spent time with the "swivelheads" — air traffic controllers — at New York's La Guardia airport. They're called swivelheads "because they're constantly scanning in all directions, like owls." Every day, in spite of long hours and outdated technology, they get airplanes safely in and out of the air.