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Soundtrack For A Space Walk

From Wired's Underwire...

When Col. Timothy L. Korpa blasts off for the International Space Station next month, he plans to pack a copy of Echo & The Bunnymen's storied 1984 full-length Ocean Rain aboard the space shuttle.

"Now it's official," the band's singer Ian McCulloch told Chartattack. "We are the coolest band in the universe."

Awesome! Inspired, Scott Thill and his Wired colleagues compiled the five albums they'd like to space walk to. Check them out here. I think the picks are pretty great — DJ Shadow's Entroducing would definitely make my list, and the Pixies' Doolittle is just about perfect for moonwalking.
To that list, I think I'd add Danger Mouse's The Grey Album — there's something about the mix of the Beatles and Jay-Z, plus the inimitable genius of Brian Burton that seems ideal for such a momentous occasion. Then, I'd grab Mirah's Advisory Committee, especially for the song "Cold Cold Water" (song here, embedded in a LOST fan video, Ok). It's a symphony, of sorts, and huge and important like walking in space. Finally, I'm tempted to pick some Handel and rep my family, but I'm going to think on that a big longer. What would you want to space walk to?