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Who's Who In Power?

Daniel Drezner, who teaches at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts, and is a member of Foreign Policy magazine's community of bloggers, pointed me to an article in the The Economist, called "There was a lawyer, an engineer and a politician..."

It asks this question: "Why do professional paths to the top vary so much?"

To find the answer, editors at the magazine "trawled through a sample of almost 5,000 politicians in 'International Who's Who,' a reference book, to examine their backgrounds."

What did they find?

That in democracies, many of the people in power are lawyers. In Egypt, a lot of people leave academia for government. In Brazil, doctors do the same thing. It's a fascinating piece.

If you're interested in the backgrounds of some of the best — and worst — CEO's, check out this article, in the latest — and the last — issue of Conde Nast's Portfolio magazine.