Friending And Dating Don't Mix Well : Blog Of The Nation Want to ruin your dating life? Raina Kelly says just bring your friends and family into the thick of it.
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Friending And Dating Don't Mix Well

Admittedly, I've never heard of Zoosk — or looked for dates on Facebook, for that matter — but Raina Kelly makes a whole lot of sense to me. Why in the world would you want to give your friends and family so much control over your dating life? completely befuddles me. Zoosk is an online dating site that lets you use social networking to make love matches... It means your Facebook friends can be active participants in your dating life from the exciting beginning to the bitter end. That's a terrible idea — really awful. Friends know things you don't want new boyfriends to know. And nursing a new relationship requires a level of honesty just slightly above compulsive lying. (You think I'm wrong? How many dates have you told that you looooove jazz and you never eat red meat? ... I rest my case.) I'm telling you — combining friending and dating is the worst thing to happen to romance since venereal disease.

Apparently we're in the minority on this one... Some 30 million people have signed up. You can read the rest of Raina Kelly's column at