June 18th Show : Blog Of The Nation Coming up... what's really changed for women in Iran and war through the eyes of the cooks. Then, how did you learn to be a fatherhood, and help, my kid wants a tattoo!
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Women Stand Up In Iran
In Iran, thousands continue to protest the disputed re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as president. For the first time, women played a visible and important role in the campaign, and now women are involved in demonstations on both sides of the divide. Guests look at what life is like for women in Iran, and what has really changed.

Cooking History — The Story Of Modern Warfare Through The Eyes Of The Chefs
Director Peter Kerekes talks about his new documentary that goes into the world of military chefs and how their culinary skills can change history.

How Did You Learn To Be A Father?
Men who become fathers learn quite suddenly that the learning curve is steep and kids don't come with a user's manual. The curve can be more dramatic for men who grew up without fathers. Author Adbul Ali and Duke University professor Mark Anthony Neal talk about how they learned fatherhood.

Help, My Kid Wants A Tattoo!
"Mom, I want a tattoo." That's a statement many parents dread hearing. Syndicated columnist Amy Dickinson discusses the divisive issue of ink. Parents, has your teenager declared a desire to get a tattoo? What did you tell them? And kids, did you listen... or tell them at all?