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Comedian Russell Peters makes fun of everybody. (Tune in to our second hour today for a good laugh.) ADAM JAN/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Obama Promises Muslims A "New Beginning"
President Barack Obama gave a fifty-five minute speech to the Muslim world from Cairo today, promising "a new beginning" between Washington and the Muslim world. We'll hear part of his speech and ask foreign policy experts whether or not the president succeeded in his goal of changing the tone of the conversation between the United States and Muslim countries.

One Hot Actor: Bruce Campbell
Actor Bruce Campbell, the star of the USA original series Burn Notice will talk about his long career and the B-list identity he skewered in his comic-horror film My Name is Bruce.

Russell Peters Offends Your Heritage
Comedian Russell Peters tackles often sensitive cross-cultural issues in his stand-up rountines and has gained international acclaim. No ethnicity or stereotype is off-limits. Peters will talk about using his Indian heritage to help reach across cultural borders and find a common, hilarious thread. And talk about where he draws the line... if anywhere.

The Battle Of Midway, A Dawn Like Thunder
A new history of the flyers who helped turn the tide of the war in the pacific, June 4, 1942. We'll talk with Bob Mrazek, a former congressman and author of the book A Dawn Like Thunder: The True Story of Torpedo Squadron Eight