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For Me, Wilco's Worth It

Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy at the 2009 Bonnaroo music festival. Katie Stratton/Getty Images hide caption

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Katie Stratton/Getty Images

Sure, New York Magazine's culture Vulture has a point: the New York Times' coverage of "dad rock" band Wilco's new record has been... thorough. But you know what? I listened to much of Wilco (The Album) on NPR's Exclusive First Listen page, and I was delighted by what I heard. So delighted, in fact, that it left me wanting more, so I dug up this golden oldie: Wilco's live, in-studio performance on Talk of the Nation following the release of A Ghost Is Born. So if you're craving a Wilco fix, click through to hear Jeff Tweedy & Co. chat with Neal, and perform five songs over the course of an hour-long Talk.