July 21st Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, healthcare and insurance companies, and Henry Louis Gates' arrest. In our second hour "Empire of Illusion", and The Wanted.
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July 21st Show

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Are Insurance Companies The Problem?
We continue our series on healthcare with a spotlight on insurers. In the debate over health care, many point the finger at insurance companies. George Halverson, the CEO of Kaiser Permanente, will discuss the role of insurance companies and whether they are part of the problem in our health care system.

Gates Supporters Allege Racial Profiling
Last week, Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. was arrested outside his home after neighbors called police about suspicious activity in the area. Accounts of what happened differ between Gates' and the arresting officer. Chicago Tribune columnist Dawn Turner Trice has written about the arrest for her "Exploring Race" column and will talk about how her readers are reacting to what many allege is racial profiling.

Chris Hedges On The Downfall Of American Culture
In his new book, Chris Hedges describes the polarities of the two societies he says we are now living in: one side is based in reality and able to separate illusion from truth. The other side is rooted in fantasy. This side, Hedges says, is the growing majority. The Pultizer Prize winning journalist talks about the "Empire of Illusion", and what he views as the erosion of American culture.

"To Catch A Terrorist"
Last night, NBC News premiered a program called The Wanted that took viewers along on a mission to track down alleged terrorists and war criminals and bring them to justice. David Crane served as the chief prosecutor of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, and he will talk about why he made the decision to join the cast of The Wanted.