Mouse Trap, Life-Sized! : Blog Of The Nation A group of Brits made the board game Mouse Trap life-sized. What game would you like to do the same to?
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Mouse Trap, Life-Sized!

Remember the game Mouse Trap? I didn't have it, but some friends of mine did, and I always thought it was pretty cool. Clearly, some people found it more than "pretty cool" — a group of friends in the U.K. thought it was so amazing that they decided to make it life-sized, for a cause. Per their YouTube video, "We raised over 2000 for the Shooting Star Children's Hospice... brilliant day..." Neatorama, indeed!

What game would you want to see given the life-sized treatment? Candy Land's an easy answer, but my #1 would have to be Chutes & Ladders. Terrifyingly fun, I'd think... Though I'd probably wear a helmet and affix a pillow to my butt to play!