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"Must Be A Barge Coming Through"

Continuum Press

I am a huge Calvin and Hobbes fan. Much of my family keeps most of cartoonist Bill Watterson's books close at hand, and quotations from the comic strip, like the above "must be a barge coming through," pepper our conversation. Losing the strip nearly 15 years ago felt a little like a death in the family. What ever happened to Watterson?

It's a good question, and Nevin Martell did the detective work to find some answers. His book, Looking for Calvin and Hobbes: The Unconventional Story of Bill Watterson and his Revolutionary Comic Strip, is due out Oct. 1, and if you send an email to, you can get a copy of a sample chapter to preview. Cory Doctorow at BoingBoing writes, "I read the excerpt this afternoon — fascinating stuff. Looking forward to the book!"