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Why is it worth reading the The Local, otherwise known as "Sweden's News In English?" Because of gems like this. "CEO gives board members a pornographic surprise."

The CEO of a municipal housing company in Dalarna in central Sweden has been reprimanded after pornographic pictures popped up during a recent presentation to the company's board ... When the CEO pushed the button on his computer it wasn't the meeting's agenda which appeared, but a picture of a naked woman, the Dalarnas Tidningar newspaper reports.

That's right, he was just reprimanded. And the CEO's reaction was fairly hilarious. "I'm really sorry," he said, "It was a mistake that runs counter to all standards of morality. But it's not illegal. It wasn't child porn or anything like that, but a naked woman." He went from from zero to 60 on the morality scale pretty fast, don't you think? Other great headlines from The Local include: "Elk couple on Sunday morning stroll through Gothenburg,"Swedish docs cleared over misplaced colon," and "Malmo win for topless Swedish bathers." Last but not least? "Sweden set to sizzle into July." No kidding!