NPR logo James Fallows Is Back, Baby!

James Fallows Is Back, Baby!

One of my favorite writers, James Fallows, a correspondent for The Atlantic, is back on American soil. Permanently, it seems. For the last three years he has been on assignment in China, reporting wonderful essays for the magazine from Beijing.

Since I've been on staff here, we've had Fallows on the show a couple of times. During the 2008 Olympics, he agreed to stay up late to join us from our bureau there. (For the life of me, I can't remember how we convinced him to do that, with the time difference.)

On his blog, Fallows is reflecting on what it's like to return to the United States. Last week, in another installment of his "notes on repatriation," he focused on the recession and the media. It's not all serious stuff. He posted these photographs of some native fauna. And, after a great imagined summary of the "beer summit," he rejoices in something that is truly great about the United States: the ready availability of good brews.

Although he has big shoes to fill, Evan Osnos is doing an admirable job at The New Yorker's website blogging about China. Add him to your RSS feeds, folks.