NPR logo Rememebering Sen. Kennedy In Song

Rememebering Sen. Kennedy In Song

Around here today, understandably, it's all Ted Kennedy, all the time. I'm the lucky girl — and I do mean lucky — who gets to go through our extensive in-house and digital archives to try to find everyone's favorite bits of the senator's tape. Barrie mentioned Kennedy's penchant for breaking into song, so I got to start my day smiling in remembrance of a lawmaker who love to sing.

Years ago, Kennedy sang "Sweet Adeline" at Boston's Symphony Hall with a barbershop quartet:

At a campaign stop for now-President Obama, he serenaded Laredo in Spanish:

And finally, in what is perhaps my favorite performance, Sen. Kennedy, again on the trail for Obama, singing "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" in Portland, ME.