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Think You Know All About Dirty Jobs?

One of the shows I'm most proud of being a part of, here at TOTN, is Neal's interview with Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe. I love the show, he was a fantastic interview, and we got to hear about the squirm-worthy filthy jobs of many of our listeners. One memorable caller had a suggestion for Mike...

JOHN: Hey, I used to work at a duck hatchery, all right? And did you do an episode in a chicken hatchery once?

Mr. ROWE: Just left the turkey insemination joint up in Minnesota.

JOHN: Well, I'll tell you what. If you'd go to a hatchery, this is what you're going to get. You're going to get a percentage of the eggs that are being incubated before they're transferred into the actual hatcher.

Mr. ROWE: Mm-hmm.

JOHN: You know, a portion of those will always rot and explode, so you've got wonderful, rotten exploding eggs...

Mr. ROWE: Like it, like it.

JOHN: got stuff down all over the place, and so that might be something you would consider.

Gross! Anyway, as a fan of the show, when I came across the How Stuff Works Dirty Jobs quiz, I immediately clicked through. Yeah, I aced it, but will you?