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What It Means To "Pull A McAdams"

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in The Notebook. New Line Cinema hide caption

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Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in The Notebook.

New Line Cinema

FACT: I like actress Rachel McAdams. I think she's beautiful and a good actress, and for whatever reason — and this may be an embarrassing revelation — I really liked The Family Stone.

That said, remember The Notebook? When it came out, you could hardly flip on the TV without seeing the above McAdams and Ryan Gosling in that passionate embrace, with her legs wrapped around his waist. Her running leap into his arms said so much about their romance and the film that it became a sort of shorthand — both a gag, and a truly beloved moment. Gosling and McAdam, dating at the time, recreated the run-jump-mad embrace-makeout session when they won "Best Kiss" at the MTV Movie Awards, as seen here:

The crowd loves it, McAdams and Gosling (seem to) love it, it was fresh and fun and whoa, Romantic with a capital R.

And now, I give you, The Time Traveler's Wife:

What was that, there at about :28 in? Our heroine, jumping into the arms of another man. This one's a bit more subtle, but I think it's time she patents (trademarks?) the move!

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