Adding Insult To Injury : Blog Of The Nation You think your Monday stinks? At least your car isn't (I'm guessing) at the bottom of a sinkhole in Georgia, sans stereo.
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Adding Insult To Injury

Yes, it's Monday, which means half my Facebook feed features the expected inanities, from the obvious "So-and-so's got a case of the Mondays," to various observations about how hard it was to wake up this morning and tributes to Starbucks. Well, I'm just here to remind you that there's almost always someone worse off than you.
You know how parts of Georgia suffered tremendous flooding last week? Well, over the weekend, a man named Ira Young was driving in Gwinnett County when his car sunk into a sinkhole. Fortunately, he wasn't injured... But then sometime Saturday night, as the car sat in the sinkhole, vandals entered, damaged his seats, and stole his radio.
And as of this writing, the car's still in the hole.