Carpetbagger Passes The Bag : Blog Of The Nation David Carr steps down from The New York Times' "Carpetbagger" blog.
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Carpetbagger Passes The Bag

The inimitable David Carr — whom I would seriously listen to or read on anything — is passing the Carpetbagging torch along.

Carr plans to continue writing for the paper, but told Variety that last year's domination by Slumdog Millionaire contributed to his decision to scale back his commitments: "Slumdog went out front and stayed there, and I had four months to swan about nothing."

Culture reporter Melena Ryzik will assume Carr's duties, continuing the Carpetbagger video series when the blog re-launches on Dec. 1.

Of course, Carr will still be around, hopefully on our program from time to time — but man, I'll miss those videos. Note to self: Use "swan" as verb more.