You Stay Home, Honey, I'll Go To The Office : Blog Of The Nation For all those parents who dream of swapping roles... "honey, you stay home, I'll go do your job"... Mike Agger and Susan Burton are actually doing it.
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You Stay Home, Honey, I'll Go To The Office

It's not unusual for married couples with kids to dream about swapping roles. The stay-at-home mom breaks free from the Duplo block walls. The career-minded dad leaves the cubicle life behind. What IS unusual, is for anyone to actually do it... You do my job, I'll do your job. That's what Mike Agger, of, and Susan Burton, his wife and freelance writer, plan for Freaky Fortnight:

For the next two weeks, Mike and I are trading places. Each day I will get on the subway and go to his office at Slate. He will hang out in Brooklyn with our two sons: Nick, the 4-year-old, and Will, who's 1. I will do Mike's exact job-edit his writers, banter with his co-workers. Mike will do my exact job-take care of our kids, try to squeeze in work time.

Both worry about the new roles. Both fret about revealing too much, or appearing like cliches in their story. But both are jumping in head first. I'm eager to see where it brings them.