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Be The Boss Of Your Holiday Weight

It may sound nuts — or even holier-than-thou — but I like to run a 5K on Thanksgiving morning. I know it's no excuse for me to overeat, that 300 calories burned in the morning does NOT equal seconds on pie and cheese, but I feel like it gives me a little wiggle room. In case a crack-of-dawn run isn't your Thanksgiving style, Susan B. Roberts, professor of nutrition and professor of psychiatry at Tufts University, shared some triggers for overeating that you might not be aware of, and some tips to slow your intake. I like this one: Sit next to skinny people at the table.

Surreptitiously controlling your food microenvironment when you do sit down to eat makes a huge difference as to how much goes in your mouth. So as you take your seat, bear in mind that short, skinny neighbors will serve themselves smaller portions and tempt you to eat less than tall, overweight, or athletic ones.

I never thought of that! Roberts' article really is a better read, I think, than most on the holiday weight-gain-ometer. Dig in, and Happy Thanksgiving!