Visions Of Sugarplums : Blog Of The Nation Designer Rita Konig's latest blog: the ideal bed. Not, however, ideal reading cubicleside.
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Rita Konig's trying to kill me, I swear. As I sit at my dark, rainy-day desk, fingers cold as I tap the keys, I clicked over to her latest entry on the Inside Out blog for the New York Times, "Sweet Dreams." I never should have done that.

But this week I want to talk about beds, and what makes them: soft, cool sheets; squishy, delicious pillows; and layers to pull up from the end of the bed when it is chilly. Everything about a bed should envelop you and feel crisp and clean and gentle on the skin.

Yum. Suddenly I'm propelled straight back to my own treehouse bed, only not. I'm still left manning my cubicle, craving my pillowtop and poofy down comforter. She prefers a silk-filled duvet, but nevertheless, read on, and sweet dreams.